Gordon Advisory guides the leaders of cultural institutions to a position of strength in governance, planning, organization, and finances.

For-profits have clear measures of success and access to capital markets; non-profits have a multitude of objectives, a shortage of money, and a variety of stakeholders. This can produce complication. Gordon Advisory brings clarity out of ambiguity.

Gordon Advisory offers a number of services.

Institutional audit determines:

Other services offered are:

Gordon Advisory is an invaluable resource for directors, boards and foundations.


A preliminary meeting or telephone consultation is held with the client to define the scope of work. A written proposal is submitted describing the scope of work, timetable and fee. The deliverables are a written report and a presentation.

The fee is assessed by the project, not by time. Once agreed upon, it is fixed. Half the fee is payable on signature of an agreement to proceed. Half, plus any expenses, is payable on completion. This ensures that billings do not exceed the original estimate, unless additional work is agreed.